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Today’s open heart surgery techniques are more precise and effective than ever before. Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons of Ventura County offers the most advanced surgical techniques to help men and women in and around Oxnard, Ventura County, CA, resolve serious medical issues and enjoy improved health and wellness.

Open Heart Surgery Q & A

What is open heart surgery?

Open heart surgery typically refers to traditional approaches to heart surgery that use large incisions in the chest to access the heart and perform repairs. The term “traditional” is used to differentiate these types of surgery from less invasive approaches that use smaller incisions located between the ribs.

When is open heart surgery performed?

Open heart surgery is used to:

  • perform heart transplants
  • perform coronary bypass surgery
  • implant devices in or around the heart
  • treat valve problems that cannot be treated with medication or other minimally invasive or noninvasive approaches
  • treat some types of advanced heart failure
  • correct defects in the structure of the heart
  • improve the heart’s ability to pump blood

What is “beating heart” surgery?

In traditional bypass surgery, the heart is stopped to enable the surgeon to perform surgery while the heart is at rest. During surgery, the patient is connected to a heart-lung machine, a special device that performs the work of the heart, pumping the patient’s own blood throughout the body to provide organs and tissues with a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients. In beating heart techniques, surgery is performed while the heart is still beating. Also called “off-pump” heart surgery, beating heart techniques offer several advantages over traditional open heart surgery, including reduced risks of complications and mortality, less risk of postoperative cognitive issues, and shorter hospital stays. Beating heart surgery can be an ideal option for patients with serious medical issues like diabetes, history of stroke or poor overall physical health.

What is recovery like after open heart surgery?

Any type of open heart surgery is a major surgical procedure, and patients typically require significant recovery time to return to normal activities. Surgery requires a hospital stay of several days to more than a week, followed by a gradual return to activity over the weeks and months that follow. Therapy may also be recommended to strengthen the heart and lungs. Each patient will receive specific recovery instructions optimized for their needs following their procedure, and regular doctor visits will ensure recovery proceeds on track.

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