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Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related death, resulting in more deaths than other major cancers combined. At Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons of Ventura County in Oxnard, Ventura County, CA, patients receive the most advanced array of treatment options for all stages of lung cancer, including surgical and nonsurgical interventions.

Lung Cancer Q & A

What are the signs and symptoms of lung cancer?

Lung cancer is typically associated with a chronic cough, shortness of breath and chest pain. Fatigue, weakness, and loss of appetite can also occur, and many people with lung cancer will also have frequent or recurrent respiratory infections.

How is lung cancer treated?

Lung cancer can be treated with chemotherapy and radiation, or the tumor may be removed surgically. The treatment approach will depend on the size of the tumor, its location and whether the cancer has spread to other areas of the body. When the cancer has not spread to areas outside the lungs, surgery often offers the most benefits and better outcomes than either radiation or chemotherapy alone.

What is a lobectomy?

A lobectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove the cancerous tumor as well as the section or lobe of the lung where the tumor is located. Lobectomy is performed through a 6- to 10-inch incision in the chest cavity. Lymph nodes located in the chest are also removed during the procedure. At Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons of Ventura County, lobectomies may be performed using the da Vinci surgical robot system to ensure greater precision and accuracy, helping to preserve more of the healthy lung tissue compared to traditional surgical techniques.

Can lung cancer surgery be combined with other treatment techniques?

Yes, lung cancer surgery is often combined with chemotherapy or radiation, especially in more advanced stages of lung cancer and when cancer has spread to other areas of the body. Studies have found chemotherapy prior to lung cancer surgery can be especially effective in treating large tumors confined to the lung.

What is IMRT?

IMRT stands for intensity-modulated radiation therapy, also referred to as conformal radiation therapy. IMRT uses special techniques to deliver radiation specifically to the tumor, conforming to the three-dimensional shape of the tumor for greater precision and improved outcomes compared to traditional radiation techniques. 3-D IMRT helps reduce radiation-related damage to other organs in the chest and abdomen, as well as limiting radiation exposure of healthy lung tissue.

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