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Bypass surgery is the gold standard for surgical treatment of blocked or narrowed arteries and other vascular issues. The surgeons at Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons of Ventura County are skilled in state-of-the-art approaches to bypass surgery, including minimally-invasive techniques aimed at improving recovery times for patients in and around Oxnard, Ventura County, CA.

Bypass Surgery Q & A

What is coronary bypass surgery?

The coronary arteries are the major blood vessels that supply the heart with blood. Sometimes, these arteries can become damaged or blocked by sticky plaques that collect along the artery walls, limiting the amount of blood that can reach the heart. Coronary bypass surgery is used to bypass these damaged areas, providing blood with a “detour” that allows it to reach the heart so the heart continues to receive a healthy supply of oxygen and other nutrients.

What are the benefits of coronary bypass surgery?

Like other organs, the heart depends on a regular supply of oxygen-rich blood in order to function normally. When the blood supply is decreased due to a blockage or narrowing in a coronary artery, the subsequent decline in oxygen levels can cause heart attacks and other serious issues. By providing a detour around the damaged area, coronary bypass surgery restores normal blood flow and decreases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and chest pain, while also reducing or even eliminating the need for heart medications.

How is bypass surgery performed?

Bypass surgery uses arterial grafts taken from another area of the body, most commonly the leg, arm or chest. The grafts are sewn in place around the narrowed or blocked portion of the coronary artery to provide a new route for blood. The surgery can be performed while the heart is beating or using a more traditional approach, stopping the heart and placing the patient on a heart-lung machine, which does the pumping work of the heart and lungs while the surgery is being performed.

What is lower extremity bypass surgery?

Lower extremity bypass surgery is performed in people with peripheral artery disease, which occurs when sticky plaques build up along the walls of the arteries in the legs. As with coronary artery disease, these plaques can prevent oxygen-rich blood from reaching the lower legs, ankles, and feet. People with peripheral artery disease, or PAD, are at a substantially increased risk for lower limb amputation. Lower extremity bypass surgery may also be performed when clots form in the lower leg vessels.

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